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Seen From St-Hubert, Quebec Comet Like UFOs
UFO Stalker - ufo sighting - Greenville Jct, ME
UFO over my Home - 1992, Tepoztlan, Mexico
UFO Eye Candy - UFO over West Virginia, February 28, 2008
Chatham, Kent UK Orange Orbs In Slight V Formation
North Yorkshire Moors - Cylindrical UFO Speeds Off
Cheraw, SC- Large Green Ball Explodes And Beams Of Light
UFO Eye Candy - UFO or lenticular?
Edmonton, Alberta Unknown Object ?
Cloverdale BC Silver UFO With Rows Of Portholes
Venezuela: A UFO Destroyed by Lightning?
Glowing Orb Filmed over Texas
UFOs Photographed over California-no usable picture though

UFO article and MUFON reaction! - Ian Brockwell
Weather Eye: UFOs or autumn spiders?
UFO Theater: UFO Files - An Alien History of Planet Earth
Tenerife UFO's
UFO ERA - Book Review: As Man Becomes Machine

UFOlogy and the way of the world - Dandare
UFO Media Matters: When The Music Died: NASA
Re: Stephenville - Economy's tanking - Billy Cox-Herald Tribune
Future Moon Base Site Imaged in 3-D & Clementine - A must see
Moore Knew Mogul's Name- Kevin Randle
UFOs: Friend or Foe? No Happy Camper UFO Abduction Stories
UFOs: NSA,CIA -UFO related Documents
Panel Discussion: UFO Abuction - Investigation Panel (1993)
Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view
Local ties to Heaven’s Gate
Daily Grail - Rocket Man enters History Books
Contactee 'Buck Nelson's' Letter to Flying Saucer Review
Looks like the Kremlin was Invaded by Aliens - 1932
Bird's Eye View

Paranormal Activities - put picture with picture
Easy, edible ghosts anyone can make
Ghost hunters on prowl at fort
It's scary in Kirkleatham museum
Historic house haunted? Who ya gonna call?
Pupils living in fear as ‘ghosts’ invade school
Paranormal investigator shares tales of haunted locations
Can We Really Transplant a Human Soul?
ParaWa Investigation - Bayside Engravers
Paranormal investigation takes place in Pampa
My Son is Seeing Ghosts
More Dime Phenomena - True Tales
Mark Nesbitt: The Real Ghost Man Of Gettysburg

Ghosts Around - Are these ghosts a reality?
'Ghost Whisperer' Season 4 Promo
Creature of the Matrix - True Tales
Give It Back! - True Tales

Radio: The Ghosts of Mornington Villas - Sept 27th
Radio: Royce Holleman-Christianity & Paranormal- Sep 28th
Radio: ISIS Paranormal - Rose Rosetree - Sept 28th
The Paracast - UFO researcher Paola Harris - Sept 28th

Radio: Famously Haunted - White Noise - Oct 3rd

Radio: GCOM Para Radio - A night with Nick
Radio: Steven Raebel w/Debbie Edwards
Radio: Paranormal Reality - Demonology and ghost talk
Radio: Capt Jack w/ Bruce Maccabee
Radio: CCSC Paranormal show with Mission City Paranormal
Radio: Southern Paranormal
Radio: Paranormal Speakers
Radio: Beth Brown and the Ghosts of Virginia Battlefields!
A Glimpse Through The Veil - The Sallie House - Listen Now!
UFO Paranormal Radio: A Global Focus guests Paola Harris
Radio: Eye To The Sky guest contactee Linda Montaldo

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Ulster3 said...

Hello - A friend tipped me off to the fact that you are using a photo of my artwork (the alien/UFO mosaic) on your blog without crediting me. You even have the words "UFO SIGHTINGS" overlaid on top of my image! I am sure that you understand the concept of copyrighted images and would hope that you either add a copyright tag that states © Eve Lynch - Kraken Mosaics under each of my images or remove them from your blog. If you do not do so I will take legal action as I do not subscribe to the philosophy that you are peddling via your blog.

Atrueoriginall said...

There was nothing intentional here in regards to infringing on a copyright. I picked the picture up elsewhere and there was not a copyright mentioned and the words "UFO Sightings" was already on the picture.

I'll pull it down but you'll have to give me a few weeks because it was used as a divider (category) and since I did a daily post each day it's up there hundreds of times. I'll need to replace it for every day for about 2 years, one at a time. :)

It happens, but not intentional since I too use copyrights so am the last one to infringe on someone else's work or copyright on purpose.

For grins, I did a search on Google Images to see who else is using it (especially the location I originally got it from) and I found it as someone's avatar in a forum. I made note of the location and will contact admin and ask them to have their member take it down.

I'll get it done but like I mentioned, it'll take some time.

Sorry for the error but trust me, it was not intentional.

Eileen - Alien UFO & The Paranormal Casebook.

Atrueoriginall said...

I just thought of an alternative that would work if it's okay with you.

What I can do in one fell swoop on the blog is use the sidebar. I could re-post the correct picture in the sidebar and credit you while allowing both the picture and the credit linking to your site, which I believe is >>

Let me know.