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Man claims to know man who saw aliens in the Roswell crash
John Greenewald Jr. caters to your every whim on BVRN

Bourne, Lincolnshire UK White Light
Video: Huge Glowing UFO over Sonora,CA - Sept 21st
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Grand Island, NE - Sept 19th
Urmston Manchester, UK Large Orange Lights
Red Lodge, Suffolk UK A Orange Flashing Light
Kinning Park Glasgow UK Four Yellow/Orange Objects
Clacton. Essex, UK UFO Was Slowly Rotating Clockwise
Fallowfield, Manchester, UK A Silver Metallic UFO
Twickenham Hounslow, UK Bright Object With Tail
Bramsche, Germany Two Round Shaped Lights

Over Hamilton, Bellshill UK A Star Shaped Object
Livonia, Michigan Bright Light

Videos: UFO mystery in Mill End
Video: 'Triangular' UFOs spotted near Wrexham
UFO Orb - Birmingham UK September 2008
Ufos Spotted Over Salisbury
Ufo Mystery Solved - Salisbury
Caledon, Ontario UFO Moving And Then Comes To A Stop
Cote St-Lu Montreal Quebec-UFO Large As A Football Field
Cobourg, Lk Ontario-The Brightness Of A Spotlight
Donnacona, Quebec-Lights In The Shape Of A Triangle
Grimsby, Ontario Bright Object Moving Slowly
Mississauga, Ontario A Dark Triangular UFO
North Bay, Ontario A White Solid Ball Of Light
North Sydney, Nova Scotia A Cigar Shaped UFO
Silver City, New Mexico Object Changes Color And Shape
UFO sighting - Scarborough Bluffs, Ontario
Oshawa, Ontario Yellow/Gold Object With A Tail
Quinte West Area, Ontario 20 Unknown Objects/UFOs
Steeles Ave, North York, Ontario-Objects Detach From UFO
West Of Guelph, Ontario-Sphere With Glowing Edges
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - London - GB June 2002
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Billings, MT - July 08
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Colorado Spgs, CO - Sept 13
UFO Mystic - Canadian Field Report #1 - Greg Bishop

A picture and a thousand words - see next link, as it pertains
Also see...The Great Texas Airship Myster - UFO in Texas 1897
UFOs: Earth’s Future, Man’s Burden, or Simply a Dead Issue?
Wing Commander Alan Turner MBE-RAF Sopley UFO-19

The Gralien Report - Here Come the Balloons Again…
Naiccr: first report of north american crop circles - 1992
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Sept 22nd
Mysterious objects may have been sky saucers - 1953

Escape the Delusion of October 14
The OrangeOrb - Sunday Orb - Regan Lee
Folks enjoy Mothman festival
Daniel Sheehan-The Eighth Paradigm Worldview (2004)
UFO Theater: UFOs - It Has Begun (1976)
UFO Theater: Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed
Daily Grail - Stonehenge Surprises
From the Ashes of Angels - Andrew Collins

Cabinet of Wonders - Fortean children's books
Cabinet of Wonders - Newcastle Oddities
‘Vampire tourism’ breathes new life into town
Loretta Lynn calls in expert to tackle mansion ghosts
Fear not the dead

The Croke Patterson Mansion
The Thing on Johnny's Bed
Pineville native teaches ghost hunting at LSU
Videos: Ghosts & angels caught on photographs
I'm sorry, you wanted me to have an OPEN mind? Hmmm...
“The Entity” haunting: The true story of Doris Bither
Spooked businessman flees 'haunted' mansion
Furnace Man - True Tales
Medium Tinia Ross joins with Florida Ghost Hunters
Selling comics and hunting ghosts
Television psychic making stop in Florida
Death on the Highway - True Tales
Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Louisville, KY
The Ouija Board: Is It Really Evil?
Surveying Shadow Man - True Tales
Is John A. Keel a demonologist?
Haunted Hayride, Old Saybrook, CT

Recipe: Toasted Cheese Jack-O-Lanterns
Recipe: Witches Snack Hats
Recipe: Spider Web Dip
Recipe: Spider Cupcakes

Paranormal Radio with John Greenwald Jr - Sept 22nd
Radio: Sallie House w/ Guest Debra Pickman - Sept 24th
Radio: Beyond Logic - Ghosts - Sept 24th
Radio : Haunted Times - The Mason House Inn - Sept 24th
Radio: Radio w/ psychic Robbie Thomas - Sept 24th
Radio: Residual Hauntings - Sept 24th
Radio: Paranormal Women League - Sept 25th
Radio: CCSC w/Mission City Paranormal - Sept 25th
Radio: Southern Paranormal - Sept 25th
Radio: Paranormal Speakers - Sept 25th
Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts - Sept 25th
Radio: GCOM Para Radio - A night with Nick - Sept 26th
Radio: Royce Holleman-Christianity & Paranormal-Sep 28th
Radio: ISIS Paranormal - Rose Rosetree - Sept 28th

RTSC on KAPS Paranormal Radio
Radio: Parapsychological Studies
Radio: Paranormal Resource & Research Society
Radio: Radio Doc - The Chris Mentillo Show
Radio: Paranormal Alaska
Paracast-Lisa Lindley haunted survivor of demonic haunting
Parahub Radio - with Donn Shy, Alexandra Holzer
Radio: Hauntings - Author Paul Roland
Radio: Joliet Paranormal Radio
P.O.R.T.A.L -Joe Montaldo 25 year abduction researcher
P.O.R.T.A.L -Dan Mewhinney from the So. California Research

Discovery - "A Haunting" The Calling - Sept 22 1pm
Paranormal State: The Ladder - Sept 22nd 10:30pm
Paranormal State: The Name - Sept 22nd 11pm
Paranormal State: The Devil in Syracuse - Sept 22nd 11:30 pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Spirits of the Dead - Sept 23rd 1pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Stalked by Evil - Sept 23rd 2pm
Paranormal State: Haunted Ranch - Sept 23rd 11pm
Video:Ghost Hunters-Speaking with the Dead-Sept 24th 9pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Where Evil Lurks - Sept 24th pm
Discover - "A Haunting" Legend Trippers - Sept 24th 2pm
New UFO Revelations: The Gray's Agenda - Sept 24th 11pm

GPS for the Moon? Coming Soon...
Micro Air Vehicles -Scary Insectoid Robots

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