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UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Springfield, MA
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Colorado Springs, CO - 2004
Abu Dhabi, UAE - Turns Red And Vanishes
Chatteris Cambridgeshire Small Round Balls Of Light
Holladay, UT- Horseshoe Crab Shaped Object
Donnacona, Quebec Three Lights
Caledon, Ontario UFO Moving And Then Comes To A Stop
London, Ontario A Formation Of Blue Objects
El Vado, New Mexico Bright Light Makes A Left Hand Turn

Hastings And Lakewood East Vancouver, B. C.
Elliot Lake, Ontario Object At Tree Top Level
UFO Stalker - you decide
Beausejour, Manitoba - Orange Lights/Objects
Now, UFOs spotted ‘dancing in the air’ over Bristol
UFO - Pt 1 Nayarit Carlos Avila
UFO - Part II Nayarit Carlos Avila
Kent, Washington A Red Ball/UFO
Six UFO sightings
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina 6 Saucer Type Hovering
Red, Unknown Object Photographed over NM
UFO sighting & MUFON meet - Sept 8th
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Las Vegas, NV

UFO Mary - picture - Regan Lee
Vintage UFO - Old Time Radio Site - Regan Lee

Lights, Lanterns, or UFOs?
Ufos On Nasa Video - You Be The Judge - 2006
Woman hits husband with hammer-thinks he's an alien
Backyard Ufos of the Third kind or is it the Forth?
UFO Mystic - Advanced Technology And UFOs - Greg Bishop
UFO photos examined with new process – see next link
UFO and Alien existence $10,000.00 challenge!
UFOs and Religious Agnosticism - Mac Tonnies
UFO Magazine Blog - Dissonant Cognitions - Alfred Lehmberg
10-14-08: Prophet Yahweh calls 1000 people summon UFOs
John E. Mack - Transcending the Dualistic Mind (2002)
Maurizio Baiata - Colonel Philip J. Corso and His ...
Tesla: Master of Lightning (2000)

Ghosts in the house?
The Thrill of Being Physically Focused - John Wolfe
Pittsburgh Thunderbird - True Tales
Eye on the Paranormal - Issue 2
How to do paranormal therapy
Ghost's Caress True Tales
The ghost lady, and the real "woman in white"
Doppelganger Time Warp - True Tales

Recipe: Volcano of Doom
Recipe: Witches Broomsticks
Recipe: Witches Snack Hats
Recipe: Worms in Your Pockets

Radio: Dreamland - Reverse Speech Shocker-Sept 21st
RTSC on KAPS Paranormal Radio - Sept 21st
Radio: Parapsychological Studies - Sept 21st
Radio: Paranormal Resource & Research Society-Sept 21st
Radio: Radio Doc - The Chris Mentillo Show - Sept 21st
Paracast:Lisa Lindley-Survivor of a demonic haunting-Sept 21
Radio: Paranormal Alaska - Sept 21st
Paranormal Radio with John Greenwald Jr - Sept 22nd
Radio : Haunted Times - The Mason House Inn - Sept 24th
Radio: Spirit Finders w/ psychic Robbie Thomas - Sept 24th
Radio: Residual Hauntings - Sept 24th
Radio: Paranormal Women League - Sept 25th
Radio: CCSC Paranormal-Mission City Paranormal - Sept 25th
Radio: Southern Paranormal - Sept 25th
Radio: Paranormal Speakers - Sept 25th
Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts - Sept 25th
Radio: GCOM Para Radio - A night with Nick - Sept 26th
Radio: Royce Holleman-Christianity & Paranormal-Sep 28th

Parahub Radio - with Donn Shy, Alexandra Holzer
Radio: Hauntings - Author Paul Roland
Radio: Joliet Paranormal Radio

P.O.R.T.A.L -Joe Montaldo 25 year abduction researcher
P.O.R.T.A.L -Dan Mewhinney-So. California Research Society
Radio: Royce Holleman w/Edgar Mitchell
Radio: Paranormal Resource & Research Society
Radio: Midnight Paranormal with Steven Raebe
Radio: Beyond The Edge Radio
Radio: HM Paranormal - EVP talk
UFO Undercover guest Miriam Delicado
Radio: Spookapalooza

Discovery - "A Haunting" The Calling - Sept 22 1pm
Paranormal State: The Ladder - Sept 22nd 10:30pm
Paranormal State: The Name - Sept 22nd 11pm
Paranormal State: The Devil in Syracuse - Sept 22nd 11:30 pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Spirits of the Dead - Sept 23rd 1pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Stalked by Evil - Sept 23rd 2pm
Paranormal State: Haunted Ranch - Sept 23rd 11pm
'Ghost Hunters' Video: Speaking with the Dead - Sept 24th 9pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Where Evil Lurks - Sept 24th pm
Discover - "A Haunting" Legend Trippers - Sept 24th 2pm
New UFO Revelations: The Gray's Agenda - Sept 24th 11pm

UFOs & StarPeople - Seeing The Space Station
Helium Leak Forces LHC Shutdown for at Least Two Months

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