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UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Goodyear, AZ 1997
Elliot Lake, Ontario Object At Tree Top Level

Video: Unknown ufo sighting 2008
Leicester, UK A Silent Orange And Shimmering Object
UFO Sighting In Ottawa, Ontario

UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Holbrook, MA - Sept 19th
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Ames, Iowa
Video: British Columbia, Canada, June 19, 2004
UFO - Oberwesel, Germany, Mar 8, 64
UFO reportedly seen Friday night may be a Jupiter sighting- MN

Intangible Materiality - Bruce Duensing
UFO's & Aliens - discussions with family

They don't teach this in J-school - Billy Cox - Herald tribune
They're out there: Farmer remembers his close encounter
The Gralien Report - Alien Invasion: A Bizarre Exercise in.......
Japan's Alien Sitcoms are Worse than Ours
Alternative News - September 2008
How Close is “Official” Full Disclosure
Moo-sterious deaths investigated in Union County
UFO ERA: Hoaxers with ties to top-secret Pine gap - 1991
Video: UFO observed on the Moon
Video: 82 UFO Picture Around The World

Ghosts in the house?
Eastern & Midwest U.S Ghost Tours

At the Paranormal Gate - Where nothing is a something
Alternative News - September 2008
Gallup poll: atheists more likely to be superstitious
N.I.P.S. Paranormal looking for mediums
What would it take to be a true paranormal investigator?
Paranormal Phenomena
Musings of a Beginning Paranormal Investigator
Thunderbird in the Everglades - True Tales
My Sister, Who Wasn't There - True Tales
Haunted America - The Great American Pastime
Wait for me - Southern Paranormal Org of Knoxville
Spirits of a different kind at haunted pub-Hucknall, Nottingham
Video: Trailer For "Ghost Town" 2:32 duration
Ghost in the Light - True Tales
Ghostbusters in high spirits
'Ghost Hunters' to explore lighthouse mysteries
Ghosts of Kuala Lumpur Ghost Hunting - Turlock, California
My Ghost Experience: Demonic entities?
The spooks and ghosts have begun to play

Recipe: Peanut Butter Aliens
Recipe: Monster Sandwiches
Recipe: Mummy Dogs
Recipe: Night Crawler Veggie Rolls

Radio: Hauntings - Author Paul Roland-Sept 20th
Radio: Joliet Paranormal Radio - Sept 20th
Radio: Majestic Docs & Whitley Reverse Speech-Sept 21st
RTSC on KAPS Paranormal Radio - Sept 21
Radio: Parapsychological Studies - Sept 21st
Radio: Paranormal Resource & Research Society-Sept 21st
Radio: Radio Doc - The Chris Mentillo Show - Sept 21st
Paracast:Lisa Lindley-survivor of a demonic haunting-Sept 21
Radio: Paranormal Alaska - Sept 21st
Paranormal Radio with John Greenwald Jr - Sept 22nd
Radio : Haunted Times - The Mason House Inn - Sept 24th
Radio: Spirit Finders w/ psychic Robbie Thomas - Sept 24th
Radio: Residual Hauntings - Sept 24th
Radio: Paranormal Women League - Sept 25th
Radio: Southern Paranormal - Sept 25th
Radio: Paranormal Speakers - Sept 25th
Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts - Sept 25th
Radio: GCOM Para Radio - A night with Nick - Sept 26th

P.O.R.T.A.L -1st hour Joe Montaldo w/25yr abduction researcher
P.O.R.T.A.L -2nd hour
Joe Montaldo w/Dan Mewhinney
Radio: Royce Holleman w/Edgar Mitchell
Radio: Leinster paranormal
Radio: Paranormal Resource & Research Society
Radio: Church of Ufology
Radio: HM Paranormal - EVP talk
Radio: Paranormal Speakers
Everyday Paranormal - Lizzie Borden broadcast
Radio: ParaWomen with Amy and Kristy
Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts
UFO Undercover guest Miriam Delicado
Radio: The Unexplained World
Catacomb Paranormal Radio Show
Dreamland: Marla Frees near death experience
Radio: Spookapalooza - Listen Now!

Psychic Kids: The Demon House - Sept 20th 10pm
The Unexplained: Modern Psychics - Sept 20th 3pm
Ghostly Encounters: Uninvited Housemates - Sept 20th 9pm
Ghostly Encounters: Growing Up Ghostly - Sept 20th 9:10pm
Sci Fi - Haunted Prison - Sept 20th 9am
Discovery - "A Haunting" The Calling - Sept 22 1pm
Paranormal State: The Ladder - Sept 22nd 10:30pm
Paranormal State: The Name - Sept 22nd 11pm
Paranormal State: The Devil in Syracuse - Sept 22nd 11:30 pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Spirits of the Dead - Sept 23rd 1pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Stalked by Evil - Sept 23rd 2pm
Paranormal State: Haunted Ranch - Sept 23rd 11pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Where Evil Lurks - Sept 24th pm
Discover - "A Haunting" Legend Trippers - Sept 24th 2pm
New UFO Revelations: The Gray's Agenda - Sept 24th 11pm

Transformer glitch shuts down biggest atom smasher
Two Shuttles on the Pad - The Last Time
Weekend SkyWatcher's - Pleiades - September 19-21, 2008
The Moon Meets The Pleiades On September 19-20, 2008

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