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White sphere, NM - Sept 16th
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Bossier City, Louisiana

UFOs chased by NATO helicopters - Cervia Italy
More sightings of 'strange lights' - Scarborough
UFOs spotted around Wetherby district

US and UK crop circles for September
Updates of Kentucky man with more UFO sighting photos

UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Mesquite, Texas - 1972
Google Earth revealed UFO and Alien anomaly - Argentina
Are UFOs flying over Clydebank?
Moon Photograph Shows Unknown Object
Triangular-Shaped Object, 1970s Photograph, Africa
Ferndale, Western Australia A Bright Light
Coming From Enfield Towards Cheshunt UK 25 To 30 Objects
UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC UFO Research
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England UK - Lights

Videos: Last nights ABC Primetime - Seeing is Believing
Hey, ABC: Reporting is believing - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
UFO sightings stir up Roswell - UFO Chronicles

Paul Hellyer - "Planet Earth at its Rubicon"
Video: Has UFO fame changed Stephenville?
Another UFO in Roswell?
Einstein and Parallel Earths: Contactee links NWO to Manipulative ETs
Extraterrestrials, UFOs, and the Time-Space continuum
Comments: ABC - UFO Special!- L.A. Marzulli’s Blog

Comments: UFOs: Seeing is Believing - Redux
Comments: ABC UFO "Special" UFO Magazine
Comments: ABC UFO "Special" was not so special
Comments: ABC UFO Special…I love it when I’m right
Comments: ABC's UFO special - By, Craig Lang
BUFORA offer possible explantion for orange lights UFOs
Extraterrestrial implications on Earth

A Few Good Men Preserving UFO Secrecy
The Gralien Report- Can Camera-phones Easily Capture UFOs?
UFO Sightings Stir Up Roswell - Albuquerque
A wise man dismisses nothing out of hand - Bias at NBC Dateline
UFOs Reports Continue - The Daily Gaff
Amazing Facts: 17 More Unexplained Phenomena
What do you think about UFO's and Time Travel?
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Sept 17th
Cabinet of Wonders - What the Navy knows about UFOs
Bristol UFO mystery solved
Mothman Festival organizer celebrates success of event
UFOs (Vimanas)

BT's ghost hunter seeks ghouls in Jedburgh Jail
Is Your Home Haunted? - Rochester Paranormal
The Paranormal Pastor: Rescued by Angels
The Full Paranormal Psychology
Abnormal Paranormal
Unexplained images reported at Inn
Spooky spirits snapped on film
Haunted History Tours in Selma
R.I. inn getting checked for 'ghosts'
Real Life Ouija Board Stories: The Board Came Back!
Trembling Hooded Figure - True Tales
The Ashen Ghost - True Tales
Disappearing Glasses - True Tales

Creepy Cocktail Recipes - Food Network
Recipe: "Alien Faces" w/photo
Recipe: "Black Cat Cookies" w/ photo

Recipe: "Bride of Frankenstein" w/photo

Paranormal Radio - Capt Jack w/ Heidi Hollis - Sept 17th
Radio: Orion Paranormal - Dr. Michael Sinclair - Sept 17th
Radio: HM Paranormal - EVP talk- Sept 18th
Radio: Paranormal Speakers - Sept 18th
Everyday Paranormal - Lizzie Borden broadcast - Sept 18th
Radio: ParaWomen with Amy and Kristy - Sept 18th
Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts - Sept. 18th
Radio: The Floyd County Paranormal Society - Sept 18th
Radio: Royce Holleman w/ Edgar Mitchell - Sept 19th
Radio: Beyond The Edge Radio - Sept 19th
Radio: Joliet Paranormal Radio - Sept 20th
Radio: Paranormal Alaska - Sept 21st

Radio: Dawn of Shades w/ Desmond Green - Listen Now!
Radio: The search for the theory of everything - Listen Now!
Radio: The Unexplained World - Listen Now!
Catacomb Paranormal Radio Show - Listen Now!
Radio: Paranormal Podcast with Stephen Wagner - Listen Now!

Radio: Eye to the sky guest James Clarkson - Listen Now!
Dreamland: Marla Frees near death experience - Listen Now!

TV: Ghost Hunters - The boy in the brothel - 9pm ET - Sept 17th
Unexplained Mysteries: Psychic Crime-Solvers - Sept 17th 11pm
UFO Files - Hangar 18: The UFO Warehouse - Sept 17 11pm
Psychic Kids: The Demon House - Sept 20th 10pm
The Unexplained: Modern Psychics - Sept 20th 3pm
Ghostly Encounters: Uninvited Housemates - Sept 20th 9pm
Ghostly Encounters: Growing Up Ghostly - Sept 20th 9:10pm
New UFO Revelations: The Gray's Agenda - Sept 24 11pm

Hit by a Particle Accelerator Beam

First photo of another alien planet orbiting sunlike star

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