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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Saucer Shaped UFO
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting West Jordan, UT
MUFON visits Kentucky man sees UFOs for himself
Dublin, Ireland - Points Of Light In Their Bedroom

Manitoba, Canada Flaming Object Falls Out Of The Sky
Boomerang-Shaped UFO Clearly See
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting Canajoharie, NY
Saturday night UFO in Aston?
Westborough, MASS - Unknown Object in Clouds - photo
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Craig, Montana (Photo)
City's close encounter with UFOs - Fishponds, UK
Vernon, BC A Long White And Nebulous Object
Burlington, Ont., Canada-Object w/ grn,yel,red flashing lights
Bo'ness, West Lothian Scotland Five Bright Orange Lights
Southern, BC A Personal Night Encounter?
UFOs & StarPeople-Music Festival UFO, Madawaska Ont,Can-Video
Clarksville, Nova Scotia A Moon Sized Red/Orangey Fireball
Windermere In The Lake District UK Fast Moving Light/Object
Hessle/Hull East Yorkshire UK Eight To Ten Red Lights
Harlow, Essex UK Nine Orange Lights

Robert Hastings and My OMNI Letter - Robert Barrow
UFOs - the Truth is in Gateshead

Newspaper Editors, UFOs, the Greatest Story Ever Untold
UFO ERA: S. Wernikoff on Circle Creation - 1991

Harry S. Truman's UFO Americana
The Importance of Being Focused
Beware When Fighting A Dragon That You Do Not Become One
Video: Gary McKinnon documentary for Edge TV
Videos: UFOs over Lordsburg - 2007
Ancient Aliens: Chariots of the Gods (1970)
The Gralien - UFOs Are Everywhere… and in Greater Numbers
Ufology Cult Lifestyle or Scientifc Discipline
Pseudo-Flying Saucers
Alien Views: Shift Happening - Alfred Lehmberg
Video- The Inverse Gravity Vehicle or UFO
Alien Etheric Messages: UFO Paranormal Mushrooms Cut up
The Hynek UFO Classification System
Drive-in Week: “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers”
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Sept 15th

Star Child - True Tales
9, 6, and 3 Patterns - True Tales
Floating Things - True Tales
Crisis Apparition - Rochester Paranormal

Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
National Paranormal Conference haunts Penn State University
Paranormal Investigations In Monroe Michigan
Paul von Ward Appearances
Skippy's Little World - Winnipeg Paranormal Investigators
Take a trip to a magical place with William Henry - Oct 10-12
Paranormal News: Mass Disappearances
Unknown Country - Your brain on Zen
Spooklights: Where to Find Them
Ghost hunting workshop - Potosi, Missouri
Ghost Hunters visit Forsyth Inn

Radio:'s Stephen Wagner - Listen Now!
Radio: Most Haunted - Ciaran O'Keeffe Investigator - Listen Now!
Radio: Philip Mantle and Wing Cmdr Alan Turner - Listen Now!
UFO Paranormal Radio with Joe Jordan - Listen Now!
Radio: Eye to the sky guest James Clarkson - Listen Now!
Dreamland: Marla Frees near death experience - Listen Now!
Through The Keyhole Guest Lisa Davis - Listen Now!
P.O.R.T.A.L Guest Sydney Fox & Cal Orey - Listen Now!
Radio: Beyond The Edge Radio - Listen Now!
Radio: UFO's, PSI, and Spiritual Evolution - Listen Now!
Radio: UFO Paranormal - Dawn Of Shades - Listen Now!
Radio: UFOs & UFO sightings - Sept 19th
Radio: Michigan Paranormal - Sept 15th
Paranormal Radio with Alexandra Holzer - Sept 15th
Radio: Reincarnation, NDEs, OBEs, Ghosts - Sept 15th
Radio: Paranormal Researcher Trudy Causy - Sept 16th
Radio: Get Ugly about the Paranormal - Sept 16th
Radio: Orion Paranormal - Dr. Michael Sinclair - Sept 17th
Radio: Paranormal Speakers - Sept 18th
Everyday Paranormal - Lizzie Borden broadcast - Sept 18th
Radio: ParaWomen with Amy and Kristy - Sept 18th
Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts - Sept. 18th
Radio: The Floyd County Paranormal Society - Sept 18th
Radio: Beyond The Edge Radio - Sept 19th
Radio: Joliet Paranormal Radio - Sept 20th
Radio: Paranormal Alaska - Sept 21st

'Paranormal' probes deaths of Ohio couple
Paranormal State - Watch The Fire - Sept 15th
ABC Primetime with David Muir - UFOs - Sept 16th
Paranormal State: Sixth Sense - Sept 15th 11:30pm
Paranormal State: Housefire - Sept 15th 10pm
Paranormal State: Hell's Gate - Sept 15th 10:30pm
Paranormal State: The Messenger - Sept 15th 11pm
Psychic Kids: The Demon House - Sept 20th 10pm

First photo of planet around alien star
Encounters with Ball Lightning
Top 10 Earth Mysteries
Stop motion animation of evolution in a bottle

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