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Amazing UFO with an ET in it, May 24, 2008
UFOs in the skies over St Lawrence
Large alien in the sky
Alien in the sky 1
Alien in the sky 2

Large triangle UFO in Kentucky (3 days after Stephenville)
Moncton, NB- A Bright White Silvery Oval Shaped Light
East Of Port Angeles, Washington Bright Object
Welland To Niagara Falls, Ontario Two Bright Objects
Brampton, Ontario Bright Light
Stromness In The Orkney Islands Of Scotland-Sphere
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Fairless Hills, PA
Enderby, British Columbia Line Of Red Lights
Whales In Space-More Group Sightings of UFOs
UFOs in the skies over St Lawrence
Chorley in 'UFO alert'

Make one lousy phone call - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
The Roswell Legacy - The Untold Story....
UFO Mystic - UFOs & the Media - Nick Redfern
Foo Fighters: New Nazi Weapon is Noticed at Front - 1944
UFO ERA: Speiser's most recommended ufo books - 1989

My real-life alien encounter
Strange Craft with Occupants Seen in Kansas, 1952

Daily Grail - News Briefs - Sept 24th
Pt2 Redefining The Principles of Contact
The Texas U Find Out Gig
The Lightship, August, 2006
Minnesota MUFON plans tri-state meeting
UFO DATA Magazine Conference 2008
UFO Talk - Alone on Highway 93 North
UFO ERA: Good data on Canadian Crop Circles in 1991
UFO Mystic - A Texas UFO Gig - Nick Redfern
UFO Mystic - New Gray Barker Biopic - Greg Bishop
Pentagonal crop circle - Cabinet of Wonders
Scott’s Classic Comics Corner: UFO Comics
UFOs Made Headlines in 1884
UFOs & StarPeople - Bernard Haisch, Physicist On Ufos
Paris SETI Conference at UNESCO
UFOs & StarPeople - Of God and Aliens

Marshall, TX Waterworks Hill Ghost Lady
Video: Is there a ghost in an OP gym?
Helena's Dave Flynn on UFOs, Religion, and Prophecies
Providence Ghost Tours Offer Chilling Experience

Paranormal research investigators are critical
What Happens When We Die? - Yahoo! News
Do Shadow People Control Casey's Dreams?
Galleries of Justice most haunted in Notts
Myth busting ghost hunting
The Flatwoods Monster extravaganza
Are spirits roaming the halls of a local landmark?

The Spirit Guide - Dimensions of Genesis - Danielle Lee
Old Prison Investigation in Deerlodge
Paranormal beliefs in Deaf culture?
Got Ghosts? - OKC Paranormal & see next link below
OKC Paranormal - Case Files
Seeing Another World - True Tales
Paranormal Investigations in Montana - Pt 1
Paranormal Investigations in Montana - Pt 2
Most Haunted Live: Undoctored Photo of Gettysburg Ghosts
Author Patti O'Shea says she's a dork-booksigning Sept 26th
Gained Time - True Tales
Are psychics useful at paranormal investigations?
Who was Haunting Mary? - Phoenix Paranormal
Jerome, Arizona: The Ghost City - Phoenix Paranormal
Wait Until Sunday - True Tales
The Shadow Figure in Bisbee
Haunted places in the Philippines - Freaky ghost stories
Is Brunel's ship one of the most haunted?

Radio: Ghosts:The Spirits Beyond! - Sep 24
Radio: Most every preacher believes in the Paranormal-9/24

Radio: Do Ghosts and Demonic Entities Really Exist? - Sep 24

Radio: Paranormal Reality-Demonology and ghost talk- 9/25
Radio: Sallie House w/ Guest Debra Pickman - Sept 24th
Radio: Beyond Logic - Ghosts - Sept 24th
Radio : Haunted Times - The Mason House Inn - Sept 24th
Radio: Spirit Finders w/ psychic Robbie Thomas - Sept 24th
Radio: Residual Hauntings - Sept 24th
Radio: Capt Jack w/ Bruce Maccabee - Sept 25th

Radio: Paranormal Women League - Sept 25th
Radio: CCSC Paranormal w/Mission City Paranormal - Sept 25th
Radio: Southern Paranormal - Sept 25th
Radio: Paranormal Speakers - Sept 25th

Radio: Lets Talk Ghosts - Sept 25th

A Glimpse Through The Veil - The Sallie House - Listen Now!
UFO Paranormal Radio: A Global Focus guests Paola Harris
Radio: Eye To The Sky guest contactee Linda Montaldo
UFO Paranormal Radio: Voice Of The People-Kala Ambrose
UFO Paranormal Radio: Live From Roswell Guest Jeff Peckman
Paranormal Radio with John Greenwald Jr

Video: Ghost Hunters-Speaking with the Dead - Sept 24th 9pm
Discovery - "A Haunting" Where Evil Lurks - Sept 24th pm
Discover - "A Haunting" Legend Trippers - Sept 24th 2pm
New UFO Revelations: The Gray's Agenda - Sept 24th 11pm

LHC to be Switched Off Until Spring 2009
Saturn's Rings May Be Billions of Years Old
"Dark Flow" Discovered at the Edge of Known Universe
Ground Zero Reveals Ice Age Evidence

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