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UFO sighting: St. Walburg, Saskatchewan
Owosso, Michigan Object A Triangular Shape
North Yorkshire Moors - Near RAF
UFO Sighting: Carowinds Hotel, N.Myrtle Beach, SC-Sept 2,08
Unidentified flying object regularly observed over Sarnia
Toronto, Ontario A Bright Orb

Providence, Rhode Island A Dark Round UFO
Police probe 'sausage-shaped UFO'
Object With Different Colors In Virginia
Toronto, Ontario Unknown Objects
UFO Sightings: HBCC - Sept 28th

Hear Stan Romanek’s Lie Detector Test & Results
Vernon, BC Disc Shaped UFO (Photos And Diagram)
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Delphi, IN Aug 2006
Utrecht, Netherland A Dark Triangular Shaped Craft
The Tideway Rochester Kent England
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Sandy, UT
UFO Eye Candy: Police Cam UFO, Mexico, 2007
Video: UFOs in China's First Space Walk?

Lafourche & Terrebonne, LA -Object Lights Up Sky
Kings Heath Birmingham England Round Orange Object
Ave. Road Extension, Leicester - Ball Of Fire
Gibbons, Alberta A Planet Like Blob Of Light (UFO)
Wibsey Bradford, UK - Orange Sphere Shaped
The Tideway Rochester Kent England Six Orange Objects
UFO buffs sighted at lake awhile, then vanish
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Aspen, CO - Sept 25th

Earthquake; violent shaking of understanding - disclosure
Ufology and the Way of the World - Dandare
The Missing Videos - Seeing is Believing with David Muir
UFO Mystic - New Gray Barker Biopic - Greg Bishop
UFO ERA: Borderland Sciences Resource List for April 1992
UFOs over Jersey City, New Jersey
Dimensions of Genesis - Danielle Lee
Four more crop circle creations for the UK

Saturday Night Uforia: An Unplanned Interlude
UFO article and MUFON reaction! - Ian Brockwell
UFO sighting: Phoenix Lights-Not just one UFO?-Ian Brockwell
What Would You Do In The Same Situation? - Steve Bass
UFO ERA: Review of book - "As Man Beco mes Machine"
UFOs: How Do They Get Here
UFO likely was NASA's
Exopolitics: The assertive race
UFO Censorship on YouTube
The Red Orb

Ghost Hunters: Speaking with the dead - Videos
The Mentalist has positive future
ET is coming on vacation
Locals say aliens; sceptics say beer
Ghost Hunters Weekend Blog Part 1
host Hunters Weekend Blog Part 2
host Hunters Weekend Blog Part 3
Walk with the ghosts of Elgin's past

Thinking is Real: Skepticism: Why do we do it?
Shadow People - P.A.P.S.
Jessi Thompson - Central Maine Paranormal Investigators
A Justice Center haunting: reasonably paranormal activities
What do ghosts looke like
Michiana ghost hunters seraching for paranormal powers
Ghost Hunters Weekend Blog Part 1
Japanese Folklore Includes Ghosts
Global ghoulfest in a haunted gaol
Paranormal Pub Tour - Nantwich Food and Drink Festival
More photos of Gettysburg last july 08
Laughter from Hell - True Tales
Halloween Stories - Ghosts Pure White - Bed Tyme Tales
She sees ghosts
The Watchful Ghost - True Tales
Ghosts of the past
Gray Summit Haunting - True Tales

Radio: Royce Holleman - Christianity & Paranormal-Sep 28th
Radio: ISIS Paranormal - Rose Rosetree - Sept 28th
The Paracast - UFO researcher Paola Harris - Sept 28th
Radio: All things paranormal - paranormal 101 - Sept 28th
Radio: Enlightenment Radio w/Lizzy Star - Sept 28th
Radio: Reincarnation, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts - Sep 29th
Radio: Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio - Sept 30th
Radio: TOGA Talk All Things Paranormal - Sep 30th
Radio: Haunted Southern Nights w/Chris Fleming - Sept 30th
Radio: Mass Paranormal - Oct 1st

Radio: Famously Haunted - White Noise - Oct 3rd
Radio: Joliet Paranormal - Oct 4th

Dreamland: The War With UFOs
Radio: GCOM Para Radio - A night with Nick
Radio: Steven Raebel w/Debbie Edwards
Radio: Paranormal Reality - Demonology and ghost talk
Radio: Capt Jack w/ Bruce Maccabee
A Glimpse Through The Veil - The Sallie House
UFO Paranormal Radio: A Global Focus guests Paola Harris
Radio: Eye To The Sky guest contactee Linda Montaldo

New Clip From Ghost Hunters
Psychic Investigations: 25 Video clips
Paranormal Zone - 12 Video Clips
Supernatural: Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester
MonsterQuest: Sasquatch Attack? - Sept 28, 10pm
Paranormal State: The Glove - Sept 29, 11pm
Paranormal State: The Fire - Sept 29, 11:30pm
Paranormal State: Hide and Seek - Sept 29, 10:30
Discovery: "A Haunting" The Diabolical - Sep 29, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Demon Child - Sep 29, 2pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Sallie's House - Sep 30, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Hell House - Sep 30, 2pm
Alaska's Bermuda Triangle: Sept 30, 11pm
Destination Truth: Haunted Forest - Oct 1, 10pm
Ghost Hunters: Ghosts of the sunshine state - Oct 1, 9pm
History Channel: Kecksburg UFO - Oct 1, - 6 & 12pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Cursed - Oct 1, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" The Lake Club Horror - Oct 1, 2pm
Supernatural: In the Beginning - Oct 2, 9pm
Psychic Investigators: How Dark the Woods - Oct 4, 11:30pm
Psychic Investigators: Lynsey Quy - Oct 4, 11pm

Russian "Space Junk" - Caught In The Act
Rare Magnestar Discovered -Magnetic Field 1 Trillion x's Earths
Weekend SkyWatcher's Forecast - September 26-28, 2008

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