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UFO sighting - Broadstairs Kent, England
UFO's next to a moving car - Balcarce, Argentina - 1974
Video: Mothership Over Satipo-PerĂº
UFOs invade Russian skies
Follow up of Carowinds Hotel - Myrtle Beach, SC-Sept 2
Edmunds, Suffolk England Unidentified Flying Object
Barnsley Penistone, England Five Circular Balls Of Light
UFOs & StarPeople - Video of Orbs Sighted Over Amsterdam
Remember the Discovery UFO - now even stranger
A UFO over Aspen, Colorado
NE Of Prescott, Arizona UFOs Move In Different Directions
Video: UFO Buenos Aires - Sept 15th
Avondale, Arizona Bright Orange Lights
UFO Regularly Observed Over Sarnia
UFO over Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Spring, Texas Silver Colored UFO With Red Squares
Waterloo, Ontario A Large Bright Object
Lac La Hache, British Columbia - Almost Blinding Strobe
Killarney, Ontario Three Round Objects

Irish International UFO Conference
Tonight! Paranormal State sees UFOs at Gilliland's Ranch
UFO ERA: Review of book - "Light Years" 1987
Something is here - Estimate of the Situation - Adam Korbitz

Some Monday Escapism: The Andromeda Contactee
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Sept 29th
Party sparks UFO alert - Chinese Lanterns - UK

UFO Chronicles - UFO Chases plane home - 1954
Alien Life: Distinguishing ET’s signals hearing stellar noise
Dublin UFO Activity?
Nick Pope: A "Room 801" Interview with Richard Thomas
Childhood's End and Project BlueBeam - True UFO Sightings
I'm Documenting UFOs With My Digital So Take Me Seriously!
Unexplained Phenomena - Extraterrestrial Life
Friend's UFO s ightings
We're not alone . . . politician and pilot spot UFO
'Black Triangle' Sightings on the Rise - 2004 in
Illinois UFO’s-Police witnesses to flying black triangle

‘Something really weird is goin’ on here’
Historic house haunted? The Small House
A Ghost Hunters Guide To Night Tours of Alcatraz
The Six Psychic Senses
Deborah LeBlanc, horror writer and Paranormal Investigator

Doctor Claims He Can Prove There's Life After Death
Last Goodbyes from Beyond
Ghost Hunters at The ScareHouse - Etna, PA Oct 4th
Grandma's Doppelganger - True Tales
Moving on - ghosts!
Local Group Investigates Historic Haunts At Cowtown
Pushed by an Angel - True Tales
Corner of the Sky: Ghosts at the Crescent
Top Ten Most Hauntd Cities In America
Mini-Dino - True Tales

Radio: Reincarnation, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts - Sep 29th
Radio: Eastside Paranormal - Sept 30th
Radio: Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio - Sept 30th
Radio: TOGA Talk All Things Paranormal - Sep 30th
Radio: Haunted Southern Nights w/Chris Fleming - Sept 30th
Radio: Mass Paranormal - Oct 1st
Radio: Famously Haunted - White Noise - Oct 3rd
Radio: Alien Agendas w/ guest James Gilliland - Oct 3rd
Radio: Joliet Paranormal - Oct 4th

Radio: Royce Holleman - Christianity & Paranormal
Radio: ISIS Paranormal - Rose Rosetree
The Paracast - UFO researcher Paola Harris
Radio: All things paranormal - paranormal 101
Radio: Enlightenment Radio w/Lizzy Star
Dreamland: The War With UFOs
Radio: Capt Jack w/ Bruce Maccabee
A Glimpse Through The Veil - The Sallie House

New Clip From Ghost Hunters
Psychic Investigations: 25 Video clips
Paranormal Zone - 12 Video Clips
Supernatural: Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester
Paranormal State: The Glove - Sept 29, 11pm
Paranormal State: The Fire - Sept 29, 11:30pm
Paranormal State: Hide and Seek - Sept 29, 10:30
Discovery: "A Haunting" The Diabolical - Sep 29, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Demon Child - Sep 29, 2pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Sallie's House - Sep 30, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Hell House - Sep 30, 2pm
Alaska's Bermuda Triangle: Sept 30, 11pm
Destination Truth: Haunted Forest - Oct 1, 10pm
Ghost Hunters: Ghosts of the sunshine state - Oct 1, 9pm
History Channel: Kecksburg UFO - Oct 1, - 6 & 12pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Cursed - Oct 1, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" The Lake Club Horror - Oct 1, 2pm
Supernatural: In the Beginning - Oct 2, 9pm
Psychic Investigators: How Dark the Woods - Oct 4, 11:30pm
Psychic Investigators: Lynsey Quy - Oct 4, 11pm

Aliens probabaly won't arrive on Oct 14 but....see next link
Atlantis Space Shuttle is launching Oct 14 and that's a fact

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