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UFO Sighting: Des Moines, IA - Sept 25th
Brooks, Alberta Bright Object Disappears In A Flash
UFO: Bariloche, Argentina, July 21, 1978
UFO: New evidence on UFO filmed
Videos: Paranormal State-Gilliland Ranch at Mt. Adams, WA

UFO moving away from the moon

Sandy's Afternoon UFO Sighting - Thompsons Station
London, Ontario Returning Light
Melbourne, Ontario - UFO As Big As A High Rise Apt
Uk UFO sightings - September 2008
We're not alone . . . politician and pilot spot UFO - Ireland
Newcastle, Washington A Brilliant Light - Meteor ?
UFO affected TV reception - Wrexham woman claims
Have you seen a UFO in Bolton?
Canoe, British Columbia Bright Light Zig Zagging
Strange sighting may have been a meteorite
Sydney, Australia - Triangle Bluish Plasma
Not a UFO; just a research balloon
Fort MacLeod, Alberta Bright Light Sighting
THE SUN can't tell the difference between UFO and cloud
Crop Circle Avebury Down, Wiltshire - Sept 28th

Dennis Balthaser looks at credibility of Jesse Marcel Sr. & Jr.
UFO Propulsion: Are Physicists Closing in, or Closing Doors?
Not just a UFO… now an ALIEN has been filmed in the UK!
Before Hell Freezes Over, it’s Snowing on Mars
UFOs Make Headlines… Where? (Take a Guess)
The Anomalist Comments on Rare Geometric Sunspot
UFO: New evidence on UFO filmed in Mexico
Videos: UFOs in Paranormal State season finale

The Roswell Exhibit lands at The Brogan
UFO Mystic - Ufological Weirdness - Nick Redfern
UFO Legends Become Reality at Hoboken Arts Show
Men In Black 3: Are There Any More Wacky Aliens Left?
UFO ERA: Concepts from book - "Flying Saucers" - 1958

Flying saucers or not? Canada sighting station seeks proof
Vatican & Space Aliens - Father Joe
Video: Richard dawkins, god and extraterrestrial life
Congressional UFO: A Perfect Storm Gone Missing
UFO Festival Lands in New Jersey - io9
Mysteries in the Mountains - Lights in the Sky
Your Religion & Aliens Monsters in UFO
Steamships of the Gods - Forgetomori
Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape: Spies, Lies, and MI6?
Jacques Vallees-Confrontations and UFO encounters in Brazil
Daily Grail - Tuesday Blogscan - Sept 30
Daily Grail - The Dude's Mind Abides...

Video: Ghost Hunters - Waverly Sanatorium
2008 Allegan Paranormal Conf. Oct. 17-18th - Michigan
31 Days of Halloween - Encounters of the Unexplained
John Oliver On Apocalypse Literature
Paranormal group seeks members - Ontario Canada
New Yorker Film Festival: The 5 Scariest Movies Ever?
The Ghosts Project - Salt Lake City, UT
NDE, guardian angel research projects connected?
West Virginia’s most popular specter continues to haunt
Parkersburg hosts its 12th annual ghost tours of downtown
Trailer Poltergeist - True Tales
'666' road sign thefts bedeviling roadways
Ghosts and spooks - Kentucky Area Paranormal Society
Video: Remote Viewing by Joe McMoneagle
Video: The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded
The Technology Of The Ghost Hunters
Appleton: Local winery to be featured on 'Ghost Hunters'
Goblin in the Woods - True Tales
Church has museum devoted to ghosts and paranormal
Careful, Mayor Autry. Ghosts are REAL …
Paranormal Investigators of New England - Logo contest
A Haunting in Harborne - My Own Experiences
Huntin' Ghosts With Sci Fi's Ghost Hunters
Haunted Holzers in East Hampton
Life Full Of Ghosts - Your Ghost Stories
Floating Head - True Tales
Zoo Halloween events offer more fun, less fright

Radio: Eastside Paranormal - Sept 30th
Radio: Michigan Paranormal Underground Radio-Sept 30th
Radio: TOGA Talk All Things Paranormal - Sep 30th
Radio: Haunted Southern Nights w/Chris Fleming-Sept 30th
Radio: Horoscopes and Paranormal -Sept 30
Radio: Mass Paranormal - Sept 30
Radio: The Paranomaly Radio Network - Oct 2
Radio: What is the real Space Alien - Luciferian reality-Oct 2
HMPR Radio - Paranormal and EVP - Oct 2
Radio: Paranormal Reality - demons and ghost talk-Oct 2nd
Radio: Paranormal and Ghosts talk - Oct 2nd
Radio: Famously Haunted - White Noise - Oct 3rd
Radio: Alien Agendas w/ guest James Gilliland - Oct 3rd
Radio: Joliet Paranormal - Oct 4th
Radio: Psychich Channeler Michele Meiché Ph.D.- Oct 5th
Radio: MASS Paranormal - ghost and hauntings - Oct 6th
Radio: Reincarnation, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts - Oct 6
Radio: One Step Beyond Reality w/Psychic Sonya-Oct 6

Radio: Farah Yurdozu: Turkey’s top UFO investigator
Radio: Psychic,Reincarnation, NDE's, OBE's, Ghosts
Radio: Royce Holleman - Christianity & Paranormal
Radio: ISIS Paranormal - Rose Rosetree
The Paracast - UFO researcher Paola Harris
Dreamland: The War With UFOs
Radio: Capt Jack w/ Bruce Maccabee
A Glimpse Through The Veil - The Sallie House

New Clip From Ghost Hunters
Psychic Investigations: 25 Video clips
Paranormal Zone - 12 Video Clips
Supernatural:Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester
Discovery: "A Haunting" Sallie's House - Sep 30, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Hell House - Sep 30, 2pm
Alaska's Bermuda Triangle: Sept 30, 11pm
Destination Truth: Haunted Forest - Oct 1, 10pm
Ghost Hunters: Ghosts of the sunshine state - Oct 1, 9pm
History Channel: Kecksburg UFO - Oct 1, - 6 & 12pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" Cursed - Oct 1, 3pm
Discovery: "A Haunting" The Lake Club Horror-Oct 1, 2pm
Supernatural: In the Beginning - Oct 2, 9pm
Psychic Investigators: How Dark the Woods-Oct 4,11:30pm
Psychic Investigators: Lynsey Quy - Oct 4, 11pm

The Intelligent Migration within Our Solar System Rebuttal
Snow is Falling From Martian Clouds
Major Failure On the Hubble Space Telescope

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