Saturday, August 16, 2008


Canadian UFO Reports - 289 Reported Sightings as of today
UPDATE ON: USAF Still Silent on Stephenville - Billy Cox
Radio: The Paracast Interviews Budd Hopkins - Aug 17th
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Wyandotte, MI
UFO ERA: Transcript of ParaNet conversation
Memphis Ghost Tour visits genuine downtown haunts
ET, Stay Home - The Spirit Guide - Danielle Lee
The Real You - Danielle Lee
Do you believe in Ghosts? - Go To Lexington, Get Scared
Crop Circles - Three more locations in the UK - Mid Aug
Sight Unseen - UFO Sightings around the world
Reuters Reports - Bigfoot fails DNA test
Ghost Lady Walks Olivas Adobe
ET Stay Home and Have a Little Faith
ET better not be camped out in a lunar crater
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Darmstadt, DE
Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire Four Ball Like Objects
UFO Mystic - Russian Interest in MJ-12? - Greg Bishop
UFO Theater: Nick Begich - Controlling The Human Mind
Stretford UFO mystery solved
Derby, England UK - A V Shaped UFO
Edmonton, Alberta Flashes In The Sky
Hayward Hills, CA - Object Returns From Where It Came
Who I think the visitors are - Anne Strieber
Jackson, GA - A string of 10 lights hovering
UFO Theater:Awakening to the Extraterrestrial Reality
Grimsby England - UK Three Circular Objects
Perth City, Australia Light Darts Back And Fourth
Crop Circle: West End Road, Wiltshire - Aug 8th
Crop Circles: (2) Cherhill, Wiltshire - Aug 12th
Crop Circles: (3) Cherhill, Wiltshire - Aug 12th
Crop Circle: Etchilhampton Hill, Wiltshire - Aug 15th
Radio: The Paracast with Bud Hopkins
Radio: The Paranormal Party of The Summer! Aug 22nd
UFOs: Visual Newspaper Ad Layouts
UFOs: Yesterday's Newspaper
Gold! And increasing the certainty levels of the paranormal
The Paranormal Society: Advice to New Research Groups
Reuters Reports - Bigfoot fails DNA test
Bigfoot press briefing photos - CNN
Ten Reasons Why Bigfoot's a Bust
The Gralien - Bigfoot… Free Ticket to a Media Hayride

204 - June Alien Casebook articles on one page
198 - July Alien Casebook articles on one page
All - August Alien Casebook articles on one page

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