Friday, August 15, 2008


UFO Symposium - Tinley Park, IL Aug 17th
Daily Grail - UFO(logist)s Attack!
Theoretical Ufology? - Mac Tonnies
Death of Ufology - The Hive
The Leadership Crisis in UFOlogy - The Hive
Another Approach to Studying UFOs - The Hive
ETH: When an Ordinary Acronym Won't Do
WUFO-TV Off the Air
Couple puzzled by mystery white lights
Northern frights - UFOs appear over city
Yahoo: All A-Buzz - Bigfoot
Daily Grail: Bogus Bigfoot Update
Eva Reich, daughter of Wilhelm Reich dies
Ancient Aliens. - Aug 20th 11pm, Aug 21st 3am

USAF still silent on Stephenville - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
Time-line of the Bigfoot body discovery - events that followed - Bigfoot Experts Skeptical of Body in Freezer
Bigfoot body pre press conference comments
Coleman has new post about Georgia Gorilla
Bigfoot Hunters Hold Press Conference - Underwire from Wired
Pt 2 - UFOs As The Transmission of Form - Intangible Materiality

Bigfoot shot with a 30-06 - And there's other suspicious activity
Bigfoot Global LLC may be Bigfoot Towing Company?
Supercarrier had strange UFO experience
UFOs - Noteworthy mid August YouTubes
West Virginia almost a UFO heaven?
Top 10 Exoplanets
Another O' Hare Airport UFO spotted on Aug 4th

Biscardi says 2 more bigfoot pictures to be released today
Bramhall, Stockport - UK - 2 Round Red Objects
Saltdean, Brighton, E. Sussex - UK - 6 Objects
River Medway, 2 objects, Kent- UK
Crawley, England - 10 Large Orange Lights
Gosport, Hampshire - UK Lights In The Sky
Village Of Beech Hill, Reading Berkshire - UK Disc UFO
Cornwall UK - Orange Spheres
Daily Grail - Bogus Bigfoot Update
Daily Grail: The stink of a decaying hoax
The Bigfoot Body Brouhaha
Bigfoot: Bigger than Obama
How come the flatlands don’t have a legendary creature?
When the world gets sucked in - skepticism
Earl Fulford in UFO Magazine Hat and New Website!
Daily Grail - SETI and CSICOP - Strange Bedfellows
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - San Jose, IL
ET and Ultradimensionals: a Native American Perspective
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 15th
X-Conf: Paul Davds - The Making of the Movie "Roswell"
X-Conf: 35 years with the Mutual UFO Network
Major Donald E. Keyhoe, the founding father of Ufology
The Starchild Skull Is Out Of This World
Emotional Abduction
UFO-Mary: Alien With Child
Guy Films Space Shuttle Launch from Passing Airliner
Film Review: "Fly Me to the Moon"
Larry W. Bryant's UFOview
Austin Ghost Tours

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