Tuesday, August 12, 2008


UFO Sky Fishing - Your field camera bag dissected
Whales in Space: aceBryan7
Nick Cook, UFOs and the Nazi "Black World"
The UFOs here!- 1984 triangular sightings on the east coast
Calculating Intelligent Life
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 12th

UFO Magazine - Alien Visitatation - Athena Demetrios
Houston, British Columbia UFO Incident -Audio
Stanton Friedman on UFOs and Public Opinion
UFO Over Dublin, Ireland?
Could mystery lights be UFOs?
Morricetown, BC - Bright Light Hovering Over Farm
Gran Sights Ufo Over New Forest
Courtice, Ontario A Bright Light
UFO Stalker-UFO sighting - Duncan Nebraska
Manitoulin Island Ontario Objects Dancing In The Sky
An Interstellar Mission Scenario
X-Conf: Bill Birnes - Col Philip Corso - Politics of Disclosure
X-Conf: John Greenewald - The Black Vault's quest for truth
Severn Region, Ontario UFO With 3 Emerald Colored Lights
Radio: Texas Paranormal Researchers - Listen Now!
Radio: UFO's and the Bible- David Twichell - Aug 19th
Deep into the UnderWorld
More on the Shadow People - Greg Boone - UFO Mafia
Radio: The Psychic Essence - Aug 15th
Doppelganger Time Warp
Glint Of An Earth-Like World - extrasolar planets
Top 10 Exoplanets: Weird Worlds
Meteor Shower tonight - Eye-catching streaks of light
An Orange Sky at Night
Blog in Space III: Across the Universe
Dark Knight: Are some films cursed?
Warwick Chamber - Evidence of Celtic burial chambers?

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