Thursday, August 14, 2008


Biscardi and Redfern on Paranormal Radio TONIGHT
UFO Hovered over Mariah Carey Concert
Astropolitics vs. Exopolitics
30 To 40 Miles NE Of Dulce, NM Object Caught On Film (Photos)
UFO Mystic - MJ-12 Existence Confirmed (sort of) – Greg Bishop
RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus - Enormous UFO

McGregor, Texas Multiple Unidentified Lights
UFOs - Where Does The Real Threat Come From?
UFO Media Matters: Betty and Barney Hill - Profiles In Courage
Datajunkie: Ultra, The Multi Alien
The Real You - The Spirit Guide - Danielle Lee
Vernon, BC Objects Caught On Film (Photos)
VIDEO: Was UFO filmed over L.A. and Sunriver, OR
Melbourne City, Australia 3 Orange Bright Lights
Parlee Beach, NB A Bright Object
UFO in Colquitt County?
Video: 'UFO mystery' in Stretford
Vintage U.F.O.- Little Guests in the Moon Palace - Regan Lee
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - St. Louis, MO
Flying saucer that can plant explosives or bugs set for frontline
X-Conf: Military and Airline Pilot's Experiences with UFOs
X-Conf: Could Christianity Accomodate an ET Reality
Blast from the past: Understanding UFO Secrecy
Blast from the past: UFOs and the CIA
Blast from the past: The UFO Cover-Up
Blast from the past: The CIA’s Secret UFO Files
Blast from the past: Government Secrecy
Blast from the past: CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90
Project Camelot: Have you seen a UFO?
UFO ERA: Author Alleges Sinister Alien Plot
A Preliminary Theory: Ufos as Signal Communications
Rockley Sands Poole Dorset, UK 5 Huge Lights Hovering
UFO group serious over new sightings
Psychiatrist's abilities to be tested by James Randi
The Gralien - McKinnon Granted Reprieve… For Now
Life Blown Here From Venus? 'Take Two' - Adam Korbitz
Architecture: The Past Is an Alien World
Is this a UFO?
Marblehead selectmen wary of amateur ghostbuster's plan
Ghost tours planned in September-Clinton
Ghost hunters invited to Lake Worth Playhouse
Haunting Party - Paranormal investigators compare notes
Paranormal News - Aug 13th by spirit advocate Bonnie Vent
Radio: Paranormal talk - Aug 19th
Want to learn astrobiology?

How to build a Frank's "phone to the dead' for $25.00
Bigfoot corpse found in Georgia - or was it? - Photos
Crop Circles - seven more locations in UK
50 years of denial

Channelled message says-aliens to appear in a big way Oct 14th
Radio: Culture of Contact-Abductee Posey Gilbert-Listen Now!
Alien Abduction - Casselberry, Florida - Jan 15, 2003
After 60 yrs, human beings till have no idea what they are
Video: Long sleek craft over Osorno, Chile
UFOMystic - Dr. Shuker’s Casebook - Nick Redfern
This reminds me of a recent UFO video
Multiple UFO Reports in Eastern Iowa
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Huizen, the Neatherlands
File r’s Files #32
UFOINFO - Ufo sightings by country
The Shift of the Ages: The Extraterrestrial Factor
X-Conf: Philip Corso, Jr - Legacy of Colonel Philip J. Corso
X-Conf: Charles Hall - The Tall Whites
Bigfoot - The Slick Commercialism of Tom Biscardi - Regan Lee
The Real Bigfoot: Has it Been Found?
When Marblehead goes 'bump' in the night
Think you know what a real ghost won't or can't do? Think again
Strange Dayz - Is the USS Salem haunted? - Siani
The Paranormal Pastor: The Crazed Ghost of the Love Lost Nun

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