Monday, August 11, 2008


Cassini spacecraft searches for signs of life on Enceladus
Statement of Alfred Webre in support of Denver ballot
UFOMystic - Alien Worlds 4 has landed - Nick Redfern
UFO: The True Story of Flying Saucers
The billing the story - The UFO press book for the US
Show and Tell - UFO press book
UFOs: Other Attempts to Promote the Film
The Early Word
BBC: Invisibility cloak 'step closer'
Keeper of the Weird: Dr. Kit Green and the Real X-files
Edgar Mitchell responds to our questions about his sources

Gravity strikes again - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
An Alien’s Perspective
UFO montage: Other Attempts to Promote the Film
Video about the contactee Dorothy Izatt
Unconventional Friendship: Duncan O'Finioan & David Corso
Daily Grail News Briefs - Aug 11th
Cinematic Extraterrestrials: Call for Papers

The UFO Phenomena, The Cosmic SOS by Linda Pendleton
Comparison of channeled truths from spirit guides
Major UFO Incident Outside Of Houston, BC
UFO sighting in Hoboken? - Hoboken Now
TRAILERS - Mythbusters Moon Conspiracy Hoax
Did They Hear Aliens?
The Strategic Saucer

CIA X-Files Support Astronaut Edgar Mitchell - UFO Digest
Russian Cosmonauts Back Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s claims UFOs are real
Has the Mainstream Media Really Ignored Larry King?
Round Up Of Other 1952 Sightings
The New Zealand Un-Natural Mystery Center
Branson to cash in on extra-terrestrial business?- Virgin Galactic
Video: Haverhill Residents Embark On Graveyard Ghost Hunt
Ghosts and Murder: Guest Blog by Leslie Rule
China’s Ghost Month

The Search for Extraterrestrials
Response To Shostak - Adam Korbitz
Will ufology pressure the scientific community for recognition?
Sunday Orb - Regan Lee
Radio: Sawyer about Heavens Gate- Listen Now!
UFO sightings in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield - UK
UFO Stalker-UFO Sighting-Paris, France
Video: UFO over Shanghai, China July 26th
Trying to explain the unexplained
West Virginia almost a UFO heaven?
UFOMystic - Contactees! - Greg Bishop
Panic! Heat-rays ahead! Oh, and Martians too! - forgetomori
Australian UFO Sightings on Record Setting Pace
X-Conf: Jim Marrs - Rule by Secrecy
X-Conf: Jim Marrs - US Govt secret remote viewing & UFOs
Crop Circle at Great Stambridge - Reported Aug 3rd
Crop Circle at West Wick - Reported Aug 6th
Crop Circles Hodson - Reported July 30th
ParaExplorers: Taking on the Paranormal with Science
Hunt for budding ghost hunters
Voices Recorded at Kiii-TV Studios during Investigation
Hubble unveils colorful star birth region
The Pluto Revolt: Astronomers Want the Plutoid to be Reinstated
Is There Life On Europa?
Future 'Top 10' Hot Careers in 2012: Space Tourism
McKinnon to be Extradited; A Worthy Cause, or a Bad Example?

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