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MOODY BLUES: Lost in a Lost World


Tampico, Illinois Appeared To Be Triangular At One Point
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Nov 12
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - San Antonio, Texas
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Pueblo, CO
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Pasadena, CA
UFO Stalker - Crop Circle - Pelotas, Brazil
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Glasgow, GB
Fairfield, Texas Five Cigar Shaped UFOs
Simi Valley, CA: A Series Of Lights In A Diamond Shape
Klamath Falls Oregon, Upper Klamath Lake Orbital Lights
Woodward Reservoir, California White Orb Turns Orange
Cendras, France Approximately 10 Objects
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Circular Shaped Craft With Lights

Reported: 2008-11-16 Sighted: 2008-11-11 - LEWISVILLE, TEXAS
On November 11, 2008 about 9:30 pm went to remove some items from car and saw this object streaking across sky, grabbed camera from glove box and clicked as fast I could for it was crossing sky so fast. It was moving east to west direction. As the object went across sky there was absolutely no sound what so ever. Only got five pictures but you can clearly see this object going east to west but it was extremely fast, I heard after the object was out of sight about three to four minutes, the sound of couple helicopters approach from easterly direction headed westward. Could not make out what kind they were other than they were large and black looking. This looks just like the craft in Stephenville, Texas two days later.

Original Lewisville Photo
Original Lewisville Photo
Original Lewisville Photo
Stephenville Nov 13 sighting

Oregon Air Guard Dispatched in Saucer Landing! 7-7-1947
UFO group to discuss Madison mystery
Enlightened Consciousness And UFO Contact
Why We Think What We Think About UFO’s
Is There A Connection ?
The Psychic Connection
The Lead Masks Case- "Ingest the capsules, wait until death"
Alien artifacts discovered underneath crop circles
Vintage U.F.O. - 1897: A Trip to Venus - Regan Lee
Woman’s terror over ball lightning
Something is Wrong- That was a UFO and NO One Noticed!
Former President Carter provides insight into UFO phenomena
Why Supernatural and UFO Phenomena is Regional
Black triangle UFOs 'not piloted by alien beings'
Alien Faces: Maybe they are the way they are because they are
UFO ERA: About the UFO abduction experience
Gralien Report: 007 and 666: A True Tale of Spies and Sorcery


Bucks Ghost: No, I'm Still Alive...
Rochester Paranormal: Nothing Sacred
Paranormal Phenomena: Ghosts and animals
Reading, writing and ghost sightings
How to Debunk Paranormal Hoaxes
My Haunted Days With Kerry Von Erich
Haunting suspected in McCloud
Bill Chappell & Digital Dowsing
UFO Mystic: Three Psychic Experiences - Greg Bishop
George Noory Attempts New Paranormal TV Show
Haunted by literal and metaphorical ghosts
Uncanny UK: A gaggle of ghosts
David Trimmier: "Ghosts & Apparitions" Photography exhibit
Group Searches for Paranormal at Historic Decatur Building



Synchronicity: Coincidence or Intuition?
Spirit Kindred - Identity
Kundalini and the awakening of spirit
Do you have the ability to use your third eye?

User Image
Ghosts Who Fight - Ghost story
The Ghosts of Fire Island Lighthouse - Ghost story
Nightshift Ghost - True Tales
The Dirty Ghost - True Tales
The Demlar House - True Tales
Haunted Bowling Balls - True Tales

Radio: Spooktacular - Nov 16
Radio: ISIS Paranormal w/Rena Reese - Nov 16

Radio: Extra dimentional beings and Ufology - Nov 16
Radio: Joliet Paranormal - Nov 16
Radio: The Paracast - Jessie Marcel Jr. - Nov 16
Radio: Awakened by the Seventh Sun Radio - Nov 16
Radio: Michigan Paranormal w/Debbie Edwards - Nov 16

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Radio: Eye to the Sky-The UFO Synopsis Guest Keith Chester
Radio: BoA: Charles Upton: UFOs and Metaphysics
Radio: Haunted Hunters
Dreamland: Morph: The Secret of Light Body Activation
Radio: Paranormal 101
Tune in with Psychic Medium and Radio Host, Betsy Balega

Sci Fi Schedule - Nov 16
Sci Fi: Unexplained with George Noory - 11pm Nov 16
Bio: Ghostly Encounters - Ghosts in the Blood 1am Nov 16

How many technically advanced civilizations are in our galaxy
First Direct Images of Planets Around Other Stars
Insight into what may be the first self-replicating molecule
Endeavour Blasts Off On Mission To Makeover Space Station

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