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UFO ERA: Inside ufology - jan, '88
The Alien's Backbone - Part II
Monsters, Monsters Everywhere
New Market, Ontario UFO Was Pure White Light
Conestogo Lake-North Of Guelph, Ontario Bright Light Sighting
Newmarket, Ontario Light Seen For A Short Period Of Time
South East Of Stratford, Ontario Fiery Ball Breaking Apart
Georgian Bay, Ontario Object Had Green, Red And White Lights
Over Downtown Portland, Oregon Unknown Object Filmed
UFOMystic - UFO Hacker Latest - Nick Redfern
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Ontario, California
Still Mythbusting over the moon?
UFO snapped above Tesco
Mysterious UFO captured on film
Will earth's aircraft be flying saucers?
UFO Sightings - Croydon & Shevington Moor - UK

The Gralien - Portal to the Maya Underground Discovered?
The Gralien - Absolutely Devastated, McKinnon to be Extradited
UFO ERA: Inside ufology - Sep, '88
The OrangeOrb: Late Sunday-Monday Orb - Regan Lee
The Most Haunted Man In America - John Zaffis
Scary speakers on way to Haunted Hickory Paranormal Conf
SIU contacted by law enforcement agents - CPTR
Poltergeists, vampires and ghosts.... all mean city is most spooky
American film maker Randall Nickerson's film on UFOs
Video: UFOs?

UFOs - A Challenge to Mainstream Science
The big tent in Denver - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
Quantum Entanglement and Experiential Correlations
Intangible Materiality - A Search For Extradimensional Data
The Gralien - Will Earth’s Future Aircraft be Flying Saucers?
Ancient Technology Lecture by Jason Martell
Earth's Atmosphere is Leaking into Space - Universe Today
The Awakened Ones - Danielle Lee
The Undecided- Danielle Lee
Crop Circles - British Columbia, Canada
Videos: UFOs - slow invasion? and police officers and aliens
Video: The abduction story of Carl Higdon
Hosted by a Ghost at a Haunted Bed and Breakfast
NPO to launch Hearn-inspired Matsue 'ghost tour'
Local experiences ghost encounters in Saint John West
The Gralien - New Footage of Alleged “Sea Monster”

UFO Pilgrim - John Stuart Mill wrote in 'On Liberty'
Coming to America! - UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon
See UFOs for yourself
Coming to America!-UFO hacker Gary McKinnon loses appeal
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - St. Louis, MO
Grey Matters-Squeaky wheel don't always deserve grease-Leslie
Trickster's Realm - Turn that frown upside down - Regan Lee
Visions: True stories of the supernatural -Mike Keene - Aug 28
Christopher Balzano: Mass. Paranormal Crossroads - Aug 29
The Paracast with Nick Pope - Listen Now!
The Paracast with Robert Hastings - Aug 31
Arctic sea ice drops to 2nd lowest level on record
UFO Undercover - Talking about human type aliens - Listen Now!
UFO sighted in Mumbai - looks like CGI

UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - North Highlands, CA
We have no idea what it is
UFO incident in Dabrowa Gornicza
Filer's Files #35 - Aug 27th
UFO mysteries deepen with more encounters
Alien Encounter In Aguada, Puerto Rico
Warning: You are about to access US Govt Classified...
Are UFO's Attracted Like A Magnet...
A Texas UFO Gig - Nick Redfern
Alien Realities: Biological Singularity?
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Aug 28th
Radio with UFO Synopsis guest Preston Dennet
"Don't Say a Word
Real stories of the paranormal
The Bible and the Paranormal Part 1: Ghosts
The Bible and the Paranormal Part 2: UFOs
The Bible and the Paranormal Part 3: Crypto
Atlantis: Beyond the Crete - Atlantis Mystery
Egypt: The Mystery of the Sphinx
Egypt: Age of the Sphinx
Egypt: Amazing Secrets from Ancient Egypt

The Search For Extra-Terrestrial Genomes
Are We Giving Robots Too Much Power? - Comedy

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