Monday, September 8, 2008



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Keith Olbermann: UFOs, body snatchers & strange things
The Alien's Backbone – Part III
UFO Sighting: Britain's Closest Encounters - Episode 1
UFO Sighting: Britain's Closest Encounters - Episode 2
UFO Sighting: UFO Connection - Australia Encounter
Ufology and Theological Clarifications - Blue Alien
UFOs and ETs - A problem for the Church?
Another Approach to Studying UFOs
UFO over Crewe, Cheshire - UK
UFOs & StarPeople - Indiana UFO Witness - Photo
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Chicago, IL

The StarPeople - NEW Interview - Jesse Marcel Jr.
The StarPeople - What Goes On In Skalitsa At Night?

Two more crop circle creations - UK
UFO sightings around the world - sight unseen
Video: What the heck is this? It's birds but you must watch
Goodchild predicts mass UFO sighting: will it force disclosure?
UFO Congress - For those planning to travel from the UK...
UFOs Change with the Times
Alien Spacecraft: Real, Physical or Virtual?
UFO ERA: Human and cattle mutilation
UFO ERA: Cattle Mutes hypothesis by Brad Steiger
UFO ERA: Mutilated cattle
Texas Official Demands Answers About Alleged UFO
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The Men in Black: The Early Days
FOIA Request to the Director of Naval Intelligence
UFOMystic - Intuition: On DVD - Nick Redfern
Book Review of "The Roswell Dig Diaries"

Book Review of "Beyond UFO Secrecy"
Anomalous Paranormal Phenomena & Charles Fort
How to explain genetic divination
Ghostly Image: Is this evidence of Norwich's ghost?
Ricky Gervais doesn't believe in anything supernatural
Ghost stories remain exciting storytelling

Stephenville:Bambi vs. the volcano-Billy Cox-Herald Tribune
Reporters Thwarted...Not Allowed to Report UFOs
Skywatch: Cassiopeia points way to go to ET's home
Denver Daily - McCain offered ET info
Ordinary Teacher: The Science of Alien Exhibition
Why so serious? Alien Bluestar
Alien Realities: Robot Aliens -Cyborgs
UFOs in history
Ben-Gurion Airport - Man looking for UFOs at airport

How Remote Viewing Works: Dr. Simeon Hein Pt. 2
UFO Kaufman, Texas, January 21, 2005

Odd Skies - UFO Sighting
Video of Images from South Central United States

UFO on a summer noon in May, 1932
UFO over Eugene, Oregon

Beautiful, Strange UFO... or Angel - True Tales
Crop Circle - The Sanctuary near Avebury, Wiltshire - Sept 7th
Daily Grail - News Briefs - Sept 8th

Hypnosis: Realities and Fallacies
Paranormal convention coming to Wichita Falls
Paranormal Phenomena: Photos That aren't Paranormal
Maritime folklore laced with tales of ghosts
The Ghost of Seri Malaysia
Tour Calgary's top haunts

Radio: UFO Research w/Ted Phillips Sept 9th
Radio: Thomas Horn - Sept 10th
Radio: Culture of Contact: Truthvolution2 w/Jeremy Vaeni
The Paracast - Philip J. Imbrogno - Listen Now!

Discovery Channel - "A Haunting" The Attic - Sept 8th 1pm
Sci Fi - Tales from the Darkside - 8am to 2:30pm - Sept 8th
Discovery Channel - "A Haunting" Dark Forest - Sept 8th 2pm
Discovery Channel - "A Haunting" Ghost Soldier - Sept 9 1pm
Discovery Channel - "A Haunting" Dark Wrath- Sept 9th 2pm
Discovery Channel - "A Haunting" Hungry Ghosts - Sept 10th 1pm
Discovery Channel - "A Haunting" Hidden Terror - Sept 10th 2pm
Unexplained Mysteries: Touched by an Alien - Sept 10th 11pm

204 - June Alien Casebook articles on one page
198 - July Alien Casebook articles on one page
All - August Alien Casebook articles on one page

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