Wednesday, September 3, 2008



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Your brains reciever/transmitter and aliens are the puppeteers
Still pressing for accountability - Billy Cox - Herald Tribune
Weekend Gigs - Nick Redfern - Ancient Earth Mysteries
Where Bigfoot treads, UFOs fly
UFO Magazine - Credible Malmstrom Witness Cries Foul!
Video - Alien and UFO pictures
Video - UFO Photo Collection
UFO Radio: Art Bell interviews Jim Sparks, Dec 2006
UFO Theater: Alien Contact
UFO Radio: Art Bell interviews Leslie Kean - 2007
Paranormal State - Hide and Seek
Presidential Ghost Daily Tracking Poll-Wednesday
Yes or no to Para-shows?
Reuters: NASA seeks next Carl Sagan - extraterrestrial life
Linked telescopes - zoom in on Milky Way's black hole
Scientists develop new method to investigate origin of life
UFO Hunter shows us his top 9 "Unexplained" occurrences

Intangible Materiality Collection - Pt 1 of 3
Intangible Materiality Collection - Pt 2 of 3
UFO Hunter Bill Birnes shows us his top 8 hoaxes
Just watchin the clouds go by - Actual Footage
Ghost Hunters returns Sept 3rd - The Rules of the Hunt

Center for Physical Trace Research - Marley Woods
UFO Over Ireland - Your True Tales
UFO Stalker - UFO sighting - Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Implants? Real? or False memory
UFO Gravity Drive
Abductions, Transliteration Of Objectifying Thought
Ancient Astronauts
Covered up by Who?
Multiple Alien Contacts

Audio: There’s a lot of new buzz about UFO’s
UFO Theater: Paola Harris Interviews Paul Hellyer
UFO ERA: Horse mutilations in Sweden
Ghost Stories - Toejam Tales
Ghost Hunters In Lovejoy
Meta Mysteries: Unexplained Encounters with Light
ParaWa - UFO Hunt - Sept 5th
We dare you...
Brave the ghosts to help needy patients

Radio: Mohammad Mansouryar - Antigravity - Listen Now!
Daily Grail - News Briefs Sept 3rd
A Long Way From Home - Adam Korbitz
New Children's Book - Paranormal
Space Invaders Invade New Space
Epoch Times - Book Review: Flying Saucers and Science

New Children's Book - Paranormal
Paranormal State - Hide and Seek
UFO caught on camera above city - Bradford - UK
Multiple U.F.O sighting Wisconsin July 15, 2001
The UFOs of Sussex
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Canon City, Colorado
Did close encounter light up our skies?
Strange Ufo or Orb near Commercial Plane
The Human Mutilation Factor
Undefined Flying object UFO Video from India
Cannock Chase UFO sightings UK
Hacker 'distraught' at extradition
The “Carl Sagan Institute”… of Ufology!
Common Ground: Absorbing Orbs
UFO Mystic - Messenger Of Deception - Greg Bishop
Corroboration for Frankie Rowe - Kevin Randle
Robbie Williams turning into a recluse chasing UFOS
Another ET ballot bid lands at Denver City Hall

Government Coverup of a Classic UFO Case?
New UFO Documentary Coming
UFO Mystic-Interview with a former man in Black-Greg Bishop
Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World!
UFO Congress - What is The Experiencer Session?
Project Blue Book: The Search for UFOs
Hacking UFOlogy: Thirty Years in the Wilderness of Mirrors
Robert Barrow: John McCain: Missing Words in Dayton
Project Camelot: Stargate Secrets - Part 2
The Truth about Flying Saucers: Redundancy on the Edge
The X-Files: Ain't Misbelievin'
Extraterrestrial Commission: Your Tax Dollars At Work
Daily Grail - News Briefs Sept 2nd
Reviews of the Mystery Kind: Fort - Back in Print
Should Ghosts of 19th Century Women be Allowed to Vote?
Presidential Ghost Daily Tracking Poll -Tuesday
Dying wife’s screams maybe a “paranormal” manifestation
Dear Spirit Guide - The Spirit Guide - Danielle Lee
Upstate Paranormal team investigates house near Glendale Mill
Ghost hunters wanted for fundraiser in Newtongrange
Saturday Fright - Sarah Landon & the Paranormal Hour
Nine Moons: Giving Up the Ghost
Ghost Hunters: The Haunted Former Funeral Home!
Radio: 12th Demon - Royce Holleman - Listen Now!

7thSpace - Christian Author Comes to Paranormal Palace Radio
The Lost Pyramids of Caral - BBC

Explosions on the Moon - Universe Today

204 - June Alien Casebook articles on one page
198 - July Alien Casebook articles on one page
All - August Alien Casebook articles on one page

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