Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's time to pack up my things - I'm moving!

I have 9,717 pages throughout my various blogs
that can keep you quite busy

Alien Casebook - Frontier - 1,306 UFO Video Pages
Alien, UFO & The Paranormal - 1,835 posts to peruse
Alien Casebook - Fringe - 695 posts
Destination Truth - All Episodes Available
Paranormal Casebook - Videos: 772 posts
Ghost Hunters Investigations - 319 Episodes
Paranormal Casebook - Daily News - 219 posts
Potpourri - 67 posts
Alien Casebook Forum - 4,469 posts


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Autumnforest said...

Wishing you a safe and protective move and a happy adjustment to the new place.

Above the Norm said...

Hope you have a safe trip. I will miss your alien and UFO posts.

Brownie said...

Here's wishing you all the best on your move and finding employment! You and your dd, stay safe!!

Needless to say, I'll miss my daily fix of your fantastic ufo-subjects and links in the meantime!

Atrueoriginall said...

Sharon, Julie and Brownie, thanks for your comments and your concerns.

The job before the trip will be harder than finding a job. :) I have to garage sale, newspaper sale and hang fliers in order to get rid of everything we own. I've got until June 1 to do that so that's why I had to stop posting prematurely. No fun.

Hopefully everything will work out. I've got a lot of road blocks in front of me but we should be alright.

I'm really glad though that I'm getting out of Corpus Christi. I feel like a woman without a country in this town.

Thanks again and will comment here in this post as things progress.

Talk soon,